Dog Paw Cleaner Cup
Dog Paw Cleaner Cup

Dog Paw Cleaner Cup


Dirty paws after stray walks or long walks can become a real challenge for the pet owner. The Dog Paw Cleaner Cup provides a remedy:

  •  easy to use
  • handy and can be taken everywhere
  • robust material
  • comfortable for your pet

The Dog Paw Cleaner Cup is your must-have for your pet at home - for a clean house and a satisfied furry nose!


Our products promise the highest comfort for your pet through the best quality


No animals were used in the development of this product.

Fast in delivery

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Dog Paw Cleaner cup is very easy to use: gently slide the dirty paw into the cup and scrub little. Thanks to the unique nap technology, the paw is freed from dirt and foreign bodies in seconds.


Dog Paw Cleaner cup is characterized by a functional design that promises fast and gentle cleaning. Thanks to the high-quality material, your pet will experience maximum comfort.


In contrast to the use of a normal towel, the Dow Pax Cleaner Cup promises thorough and at the same time gentle cleaning of sensitive paws. Not only your pet will feel good, but also your floor in the house will stay clean in the future.

🐾Stay clean with your dog🐾

The relief for your everyday life

After the multiple walks, your dog's paws will be heavily stressed. 

Conventional towels are often not enough for a thorough cleaning.

Thanks to smart design and easy application, you can clean your dog's paws in no time.

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