Retractable Pet Dog Leash
Retractable Pet Dog Leash

Retractable Pet Dog Leash

Retractable Pet Dog Leash will become your new companion on daily walks with your dog. It promises you:
  • the greatest possible feeling of freedom for your four-legged friend
  • high security against the dog running away
  • flexibility in the leash due to automatic retraction
  • high-quality workmanship with comfortable stop button for you as the leash handler

The Retractable Pet Dog Leash is the first choice in dog leashes among dog owners.


Top quality and long product life with no replacement parts required.


No animals were used in the development of this product.

Fast in delivery

Order today and get your item for your pet as soon as possible


Our products let your pet experience unforgettable moments


The dog leash is simple and practical to use. The universal hook at the end of the leash fits any collar and harness. The automatic retraction of the leash gives your dog a natural feeling of free running despite the leash. With the stop button you can bring your dog back to a length for a short or long time.


The dog leash is available in many different colors with each black and gray combined. It convinces with high quality workmanship and the greatest possible safety for you as the owner.


The dog leash allows a feeling of freedom of movement with the greatest possible safety thanks to the innovative method of automatic retraction of the leash. Especially when you are not able to leash your dog and let him go his own way, this leash is the ideal solution.

🦅Freedom for your dog🦅

... Safety for you as owner

Save yourself the hassle of running after your dog without taking away his freedom.

With the dog leash, your dog can follow his natural instincts without you having to worry that he will run away.

The well-fitting handle clings to your hand and withstands even the biggest pulls.

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