The DogFace Winter Jacket
The DogFace Winter Jacket

The DogFace Winter Jacket


The DogFace Winter Jacket is not only a real eye-catcher for your dog, but also a must have with the following advantages:

  • Easy to put on and take off
  • Highest comfort due to high quality materials
  • Protects your dog from the weather and cold
  • Trendy fashion accessory with function

As an extra eye-catcher: The DogFace Winter Jacket allows you to go for walks together with your dog in partner look. How cute is that?


Top quality and long product life with no replacement parts required.


No animals were used in the development of this product.

Fast in delivery

Order today and get your item for your pet as soon as possible.


Our products let your pet experience unforgettable moments


The winter jacket can be put on easily and quickly thanks to the zipper. It encloses your dog's body in a windproof manner while remaining breathable.


The winter jacket is characterized by high-quality workmanship. The fabric quality is very good. It does not irritate the skin at all because it is breathable. Your dog is still protected from wind and weather and looks incredibly cool on top of that.


Especially dogs with short fur freeze very quickly in winter. This can put on the health of your protégé and affect it severely. The DogFace winter jacket protects your dog from wind, rain and snow. At the same time it is with its modern design also an absolute eye-catcher.

🧨Warm - stylish - comfortable🧨

This winter jacket revolutionizes the market...

No more boring dog jackets!

DogFace winter jacket makes dog owners envious. It is unique in function and design.

Due to the inner material your dog is optimally equipped for any dirty weather.

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